About Us



Since our beginning in 1996, PT. Agung Poly Nugraha (APN) has been delivering consistently superior synthetic leather materials for almost all leather based and products. Specialising in the manufacturing of PVC, Semi-PU and Dry-Process PU, our production facility in Tangerang is highly equipped and professionally run.


Great products can only be achieved through innovative processing of high quality raw materials. PT. APN places serious attention to the selection and testing of its raw materials. On top of that, its laboratory department is also charged with researching ways to continually improve product quality and cost efficiency. Employing modern physical and chemical testing equipments. PT. APN ensures its products lives up to their reputation in durability, stability, and safety.


The key to our success in becoming the leather specialist boils down to speed, quality, and cost. Highly experienced, our production team knows best how to consistently manufacture high quality synthetic leather for any end applications at the most optimum efficiency. Our unique 4 coater 4 oven coating (also known as "casting") ma-chine is specially adapted for flexibility and stability in producing both our retail products (ready-stocks) and those customized according to specific industrial requirements. (job order)

Quality Control

At PT. APN, each and every meter of produced goods can only be released to the market after passing the stringent standard of the QC team. We thoroughly inspect the technical and visual qualities of our products, only the best are then properly packed and labeled for immediate shipment to your premises. By having QC, Production, and R&D teams working closely on total quality issues, we are moving towards everincreasing standard of excellence.

Warehouse & Distribution

In our bid to provide the highest service to our valued customers, PT. APN maintains buffer-stock of our popular lines of products. This way, most orders can be delivered within 24 hours, allowing our loyal customers to better forecast and execute their manufacturing activities. With our products distributed widely in manjor cities, availability is always ensured.

Our Factory

    ·  Location : Tangerang (25km west of Jakarta)
    ·  Total Area : Total Area   : 1,5 hectares
    ·  Workforce : 180 employees
    ·  Output Capacity : 10.000.000 meters (annual)



    ·   Types : PVC, PU, and Semi-PU
    ·   Width : 137 cm
    ·   Thickness : 0.35-4.00 mm
    ·   Colors : All colors, Metalic, Two-tones, Printing
    ·   Fabric Backing : Knited, Weaved, Non-Woven, Micro-suede, etc


Applications : Shoes & Sandals, Bags, Automotive Upholsteries, Furniture, Stationeries, Sport Equipments, Fashion, etc.

Distribution Mapping

From the beginning, PT. APN understood the utmost necessity of building strong supply chain infrastructure as the first step in successfully serving the needs of our customers.

Owing to this, many leading industries, domestic and international, have for years benefited from the stable supply of durable synthetic leather materials. In addition, our distributors cover most major cities, enabling retails customers easy access to our winning AP FORCE (automotive leather) and Sofa Leder (furniture leather) ranges